​Laid back luxe...

is the philosophy behind all our designs... 


Blanc is a balance of boho and glam, effortless & cool yet always luxe, always statement.

Our designs are often inspired by our love of the Mediterranean and the gypset women that grace the shores.

We love chasing the sun, watching the sea, daytime parties, sunsets and fires, rose and friends, and laid back glamour. 

 Bringing a statement to everyday, occasion & bridal looks, our designs aim to make a statement & capture attention when worn. We don't follow the trends, we create pieces that will look good worn now or years down the line.


All our pieces are handmade by family run artisans in Turkey and India who have learned their craft through the generations & therefore each piece is totally unique and nothing is mass produced. Using age old techniques such as hand hammering these ancient methods are strongly reflected in our modern designs.

With a focus on offering timeless pieces, quality is hugely important yet we want to stay accessible to all. Therefore, we use high quality materials mainly Sterling silver, brass and thick micron gold plating. All our gemstones and pearls are chosen for their natural look and individuality. 

As a young brand, we are just starting out in our journey but we are committed to learning as we grow and as a starting point we use all recyclable packaging and keep all invoices to email instead of extra print. We will continue our efforts to ensure we help contribute to sustainability and ethical practice through our little brand.

"As a small independent brand, creating a community and seeing how you style your pieces gives us huge gratitude and motivation to widen our designs and offering "

We genuinely care about every single comment on our social media, every compliment on our designs, every order we receive but most of all how you feel wearing one of our pieces.

 Customer service is incredibly important for us, and we will always offer a personal approach .

Charlotte  - Designer & founder