Ring size guide

The easiest way to determine your ring size: 

  • Find a thin piece of string or ribbon (ensure it isn't too wide)  

  • Wrap it around the base of your finger you are wanting to wear the ring on

  • Where the string overlaps into a circle around the finger Mark that point with a pen 

  • lay flat and measure with a ruler from the starting point to the point where you marked with a pen

  • Use the chart below to choose which size will be best! 

size 6 - 16.45mm

size 7-  17.3mm

size 8 - 18.2mm

size 9 - 19.0mm


  • Ensure the loop slides easily over your knuckle

  • Measure at the beginning or end of the day when fingers are usually a little more swollen

  • Don't measure a cold finger -they are smaller!